About Us

Everest College of Nursing was established in 2009 as an institution to provide innovation in the field of Nursing Education in Nepal. Since then we are constantly reviewing and upgrading our services to reflect the latest trends and developments in the field of Nursing Education.
We will be recognized for our commitment to nursing profession through nursing education, leadership, research and contributions to continuing education. Our nurses are provided with sound basic nursing education, nurtured, encouraged to believe in themselves and installed with the values of services to the society.


To advance health through excellence in nursing, gerontology and interdisciplinary teaching, research, practice, and service.


To develop leaders in nursing and health care whose actions, discoveries and voices strengthen and advance the health of individuals and communities worldwide.


Ensure teaching excellence to prepare nurses and leaders, who provide evidence-based patient-centered care.
Engage in inter-professional relationships, collaborative research, and clinical partnerships to optimize student learning.
Promote a culture of scholarship and contribution to the discipline to enhance the profession and knowledge of nursing.
Create an environment supporting the College


Florence Nightingale was like mother of those wounded soldiers, who took lamp every night and used to go to patient camp and took care of their medical condition. We believe that being a Nurse is being a mother. A mother knows what her child needs and spends her full time on loving and caring her child until the child becomes self depend.
Beside that health is perceived as the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual well-being that enables the performance deemed necessary and desirable to maintain existence in the environment. Health is affected throughout the life cycle by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors that include choices about health practices, and by the ability of persons to meet their health care needs and to access health care.
Because nursing is a research-based discipline, we participate in generating, disseminating, and using theory and research findings for education and practice, which aids easy access for the health care needs.
Everest College of Nursing prepares graduates to practice within the established professional guidelines and standards and to engage in continuous skill development and revision of knowledge. The teaching/learning process fosters intellectual and personal growth; stimulates inquiry, critical thinking, and synthesis of knowledge; and helps the individual value and pursue life-long learning process in Medical sector.